Dips and Sticks!

On Thursday afternoon we went into the café and explored different ways of using vegetables so we made dips and sticks. We made a guacamole, pea pâté and Tzatziki. The children then made carrot, cucumber and pepper sticks to dip. All the children tried them and guacamole came out as the favourite.

George’s Marvellous medicine!

We have had a very exciting morning in 3RK. This week we have been focusing on play scripts in English and volume in Maths. So this morning the children acted out their play scripts they had written which when all put together created the story of George’s Marvellous Medicine. In Maths the children used their knowledge of volume to create a marvellous medicine of their own.

Maecare coffee afternoon

On Thursday afternoon we invited Maecare in for a coffee afternoon. This was for our value of service. It was such a lovely afternoon and the children were fantastic.

Floyd and Winnie

We have been lucky this week to have 2 visitors. On Wednesday morning Floyd the corn snake came to see us! Ryan’s dad brought him in. He told us that Floyd is 8 months old and how we can look after snakes, we then got to touch Floyd he felt very smooth.

This morning we had a visit from Winnie the pug. Winnie and her owner are from dogs trust and she talked to us all about how to care for dogs and also how to stay safe if we are approached by dogs.


Marvellous Poetry!

This week we have been focusing on poetry. We have been reading George’s Marvellous Medicine. In the book George put lots of interesting ingredients in the pan and says poems. We learnt one of the poems and performed it for the class. After that we wrote our own poems using onomatopoeia, here are some examples.

Our writing superstars!

This week we have been researching all about Roald Dahl. He had such a fascinating life. After researching about him and spending some time planning the children Wrote biographies about Roald Dahl. Here are 3 superstar pieces.

Which rock is best to build a wall? 

This week we have been investigating which rocks would be best to build a wall. We tested different rocks for permeability and hardness. The children were very scientific and made some great predictions. They used the equipment well and decided at the end that slate and marble would be best. We then talked about how some rock are expensive and how marble would make a very expensive wall! Here are some pictures of us completing the investigation. 


Rock investigations 

Over the past couple of weeks ŵe have been doing lots of investigations in science. We looked at different types of rocks and decided on different ways of sorting them. We used a Venn diagram with headings such as light/dark, rough/smooth and hard/soft. After discussing the three main rock types we tried to make them out of chocolate! It was very messy but we manage to show sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. I then made igneous rock by dropping the chocolate in boiling water and the waiting for it to cool. Here are some pictures of our investigations. 

Our recipe for happy and safe ACE community

On Monday in collective worship Mrs Johnston talked to us about community and what it means. She then described the ingredients and recipe she would need to make her favourite cake. We then had to go away and think about what ingredients and recipe we would need to create a happy and safe Allerton community. This is the fantastic and thoughtful recipe we came up with.