Fashion show!

Over the past couple of weeks we have been working on an exciting DT project. This project looked at how we could use recycled material to make an outfit for Stig. We researched different materials, thought about what the outfit needed to do, e.g. – be waterproof and warm and designed the outfits. After that we made our outfits in groups. We then wrote letters to Mrs Stott to invite her to our fashion show. The children’s letters were fantastic they used paragraphs, formal language and explained clearly to Mrs Stott way she should come. We had our fashion show today and Mrs Stott came with her 6 take over Mrs Stott’s. This is what Rehan and Max had to say about the Fashion Show- it was super fun and it was so amazing. Everyone in our classroom worked very hard on the outfits and it was great to show them off today. Here are some pictures.


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