In science we have started to look at the bones of the body. For the first lesson I wanted to know what the children already knew about the bones in our body. We drew round one of our friends and labelled all the bones we could think of. Some children already knew quite a lot of scientific language which was fantastic to see. Here are some pictures of our lesson.

Have a go at the science challenge: 

How many bones are there in the human body? 

Village life

This week was our final week with Pavla we have had such a good time working with her. We were sad she isn’t coming back again. This week we thought about life in a Mesolithic village. We started by practicing our spear fishing. Then we looked at all the aspects that a village needs. Such as a fire, homes, tool making, weapon making, cooking area and protection of the village. We talked about how we could protect the village from bears and how at all times there was a lookout on top of the hill. We developed horn sounds, one for danger and one for food to hunt. At the sound of the hunting horn we started our hunt for the deer. We went through the processes making sure we were very quiet not to scare the prey away. We acted out the hunt. We put mud on our faces, picked up our spears and set off. When we finally caught the deer we shared it out amongst the village and performed our thankful rituals. After all of the acting we set about creating cave paintings of our hunt, just how people in the Stone Age would have done. here are the pictures of our final week.

Protecting Stig!

This week in drama we looked at how Barney tells everyone about Stig but nobody believes him. We made up freeze frames about what would happen if Stig was caught. We then thought about what we could do to protect Stig. We made up a class scary story to scare people away from the pit and to keep Stig safe. The children definitely have very good imaginations! Here are some pictures of our drama.

Stig of the Dump

This week we had our first session with Pavla. She introduced the story and we acted out the first chapter. We thought about the sounds of the countryside and the things we would do if we were in the countryside. Then we moved on to meeting Stig. We talked about the random imaginative things he does with object, came up with our own and acted it out. Here are some pictures of our session.