The Lone Wolf!

We had a very exciting visitor this week! Mr Moore brought Elvis in for us to see. Elvis is a Siberian husky. He was perfect for us to see as we have been doing all about wolves and he is the closest thing we can get to a wolf and still have him in the classroom! On Monday we started by looking at different word types, some children are still struggling at identifying adverbs in the sentence, however I think we are nearly there. On Tuesday we were lucky because Mrs Johnston came to work with us and we learnt all about a lone wolf. Here is a picture of the Lone Wolf –

The children then thought about the 5 senses and linked them to the wolf. They then wrote some fantastic pieces all about the wolf. Here is an extract of Evie’s and Logan’s –

The wolf sprinted over the snow-capped mountains towards the scent of his prey. Nose down, he could smell the juicy meat of a reindeer. He could hear the munching of the reindeer eating the green grass. Sprinting, the wolves were going towards the wounded reindeer. All the wolves were tearing their skin apart. – Evie

The wolf sprinted silently over the snow-capped mountains towards the scent of his prey. Nose down, he could smell the scent of the deer from far away because they have a very strong sense of smell. The wolves sprinted quickly across the mountains to eat their prey.

The wolf turned around and saw a deer eating delicious grass and could see them walking. He was going to follow the deer footprints in the crunchy, loud snow. He could feel the cold on his fur.

In the background he could hear his family howling for some food. It made him feel hungry as well. They could taste juicy blood in their watering mouth and deer meat. In the air they could taste deer fur. – Logan

Today we have been thinking about Elvis again and describing him and how we felt when he came in the room. He is a very big dog so is a little intimidating! Here are the picture of when Elvis came to visit –


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