Week 1 with Mrs Johnston

What an exciting first week we have had with Mrs Johnston. We are linking our 2 weeks with the last couple of chapters of Stig. On Monday we started the session with a spelling test, it was quite a tricky test but the children persevered, after we went through each word looking closely at the clues. We looked closely at an extract and thought about what Stig was good at. We use choral reading to help us understand the text. Choral reading is when we read the text all together and do lots of other activities to help develop a good understanding of the text. We then went on to complete a retrieval exercise where the children had to find information in the text. We finished off the morning by starting our dance, the children tried really hard. I am not going to tell you much about it as I don’t want to spoil the finished dance next week!

On Tuesday we carried on using the text and started to infer information from it. We also looked at the work dilapidated. After finding the definition we thought about what we would use a dilapidated umbrella for. We finished off the morning doing observational drawings in art. We thought about the different techniques and materials we could use. We practiced hatching, cross hatching, dashing, dotting and circling. We used graphite, pencil wax crayon and charcoal. We used these to help use draw random objects, thinking about the light and dark and the shapes.

On Wednesday we started the day by cutting our observational drawings out. We then had to be really imaginative. Using our drawings we had to create a new invention. For example, Michael had bottles, whisk and a lamp. He made an emergency helicopter with them. Evie had the bottles, the telephone and a lamp. She made a juice maker with them. Amy had the baubles, a tambourine and the lamp. She made a swing out of the objects. After we had made our inventions we shared them with the class. We then read a little more of Stig of the Dump. In the afternoon we played vocabulary bingo! In the last chapter of Stig the vocabulary is quite tricky so we worked in groups to find the definitions and reveal the words. We then played the game again.

On Thursday we began the day with some drama. We read to a certain point in the chapter and acted it out. We then did a shared write. This is when the whole class work together to write a piece about the story we are reading. They did really well and had some great ideas. In the afternoon we moved onto art. We have been reading the part of the book which is about midnight. So we started by looking at all the different blues we could make. The children worked in pairs they had to mix different blues and paint patterns on the paper. They looked great!

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