Week 2 with Mrs Johnston

This week we have had so much fun with Mrs Johnston.

On Monday we continued with our dance which is coming together very nicely. We also looked carefully at speech. We ordered a conversation between Barney and Lou and then looked at how it was punctuated. After this we wrote our own speech to extend the conversation.

On Tuesday we worked with oil pastels to create a colour background. We then painted over them with black paint with washing up liquid in! It was all very strange! We then looked at some more of the story of Stig. From reading the chapter we realised there were some quite tricky words. We therefore split out into groups and clarified some of the tricky words.

On Wednesday we met the chief! In the story Barney and Stig meet the chief and it is impossible to understand him because he doesn’t speak English. We sat round our indoor fire and Mrs Bentley came and talk to us about herself. However she did it in a language none of us understood. It was amazing if not a little confusing because we couldn’t understand. We then wrote our own speeches all about ourselves. We could chose to do it in English or another language we spoke. In the afternoon we went outside to meet the real village chief around the camp fire. It was very atmospheric and a little scary! The chief didn’t smile or say a word she just stood there staring at us. We then had to step forward one at a time and give our speeches about ourselves. Some of us didn’t manage to do it as we got a little scared. Once back in the classroom we thought about all the emotions and feelings we had when we were out there.

On Thursday we started the day off with dance practice, we finally finished it all. In the afternoon we looked at pictures of Stonehenge in the summer solstice. We then created pastel drawings for it. From that we pick a specific view and then painted it onto plaster of Paris!

Thanks so much to everyone who came this afternoon it was so lovely to see you all there and I know the children loved sharing their work.

Here are some pictures of our week.


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